XHFC Series


1 Universal ISDN Port


2 Universal ISDN Port


4 Universal ISDN Port


2 Universal ISDN Port +
2 ISDN Up interfaces

Universal ISDN Port

S/T interface and UpN/Up0 interface are integrated into the same transceiver.
That means users can can implement a combined circuitry, enabling to select between both interface modes.


• One component fitting Up and S/T applications, resulting in less IC stocking
• High receiver sensitivity which leads to excellent signal range
• Low power consumption due to pure digital CMOS architecture
• Combined external circuitry for both interface modes possible
• Excellent chip price 

Detailed information on Cologne Chip's Universal ISDN Port.


XHFC - These letters stand for ISDN ICs, each of them integrating S/T and Up interfaces into one Basic Rate ISDN tranceiver. ICs of XHFC Series come with Universal ISDN Ports: ISDN interface selectable as S/T or UpN/Up0 interface. So they are tailored for all kinds of BRI applications.

Feature highlights are:

  • ICs of XHFC Series have integrated HDLC controllers for all kinds of BRI equipment
  • The integrated microprocessor bus interface can be configured to 8 bit parallel microprocessor interface or serial processor interface (SPI)
  • A PCM128 / PCM64 / PCM30 interface for CODEC or inter-chip connection is also integrated
  • The FIFOs of XHFC Series are realized with internal SRAM

It's all about the port granularity: The difference between ICs of XHFC Series is based solely on the four different compositions of integrated interfaces:


Block diagram for XHFC-1SU

Block diagram of XHFC-2SU

Block diagram of XHFC-2S4U

Block diagram of XHFC-4SU

Benefits of XHFC Series

  1. Low power consumption
  2. Easy inter-chip connection to telecom ICs
  3. Fully digital chip architecture
  4. Excellent price
  5. Comprehensive software support