Programmable Logic

A powerful FPGA for a wide range of cost-effective solutions

GateMateTM FPGA Technology offers a comprehensive multi-node portfolio to address requirements across a wide set of applications. Whether you are designing a state-of-the art, high-performance networking application requiring the highest capacity, bandwidth, and performance, or looking for a low-cost, small footprint FPGA to take your software-defined technology to the next level, Cologne Chip GateMateTM FPGAs  provide you with system integration while optimizing for performance/watt.

Novel CPE Architecture

  • Logic capacity from 20,480 CPE (40,960 4-input functions) to 512,000 CPE (1,024,000 4-input functions)
  • CPE consists of LUT-tree with 8 inputs
  • Each CPE configurable as 2-bit full-adder or 2x2 multiplier

Lowest Power Consumption in Market

  • GlobalfoundriesTM 28 nm SLP (Super Low Power) process
  • 3 operation modes: low power, economy, speed
  • No excessive start-up currents
  • Only two supply voltages needed, that can be applied in any order


  • Fast configuration with quad SPI interface up to 100 MHz
  • Dual ported Block RAMs with 20-80 bit data width, also configurable as FIFO
  • Multipliers with arbitrary factor width implementable
  • Multiple clocking schemas


  • FPGA in ball grid package for low size and high pin count
  • Only 2 signal layers required on PCB