Applications and IP

Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA)

With the ILA, you can perform in-system debugging of your designs on the GateMate FPGA during runtime. It allows you to capture and analyze all signals of your design as a waveform directly within the FPGA. Monitor complex data flows in real-time and troubleshoot errors efficiently without disrupting the normal operation of your system.

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LiteX Support

The LiteX framework provides a convenient and efficient infrastructure to create FPGA Cores and SoCs. Explore various digital design architectures and create full FPGA based systems.

Choose from a variety of CPUs, display-, memory– or ethernet– controllers.

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TDC (Time-to-Digital Converter) IP Core

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of our Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) IP core, ideal for a wide range of high-accuracy timing solutions. With an unparalleled time resolution of only 5 picoseconds (!), it sets a new standard in precision and performance. All this is only possible thanks to the innovative CP-Line (Carry and Propagation) technology, with which every “CPE” is equipped.

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DVI Display Controller

With this controller, digital displays can be operated directly via the GateMate FPGA’s GPIOs without the need for additional hardware.

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MIPI D-PHY Receiver

Use our brand-new controller to connect camera sensors directly to the GPIOs of the GateMate FPGA using the popular MIPI D-phy interface.

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5G SerDes Example

Explore the capabilities of the hardened serializer/deserializer using the SerDes wizard.

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