ISDN Transceiver ICs2

Engineer’s First Choice in ISDN

Electronic Engineers looking for ISDN transceiver ICs find their perfect choice at Cologne Chip: The German ISDN specialist offers a broad range of controller chips for all kind of ISDN applications in Private Networks.

Being in the market since the early 90th, the company became –focused on its niche– the most reliable partner of telecom equipment manufacturers in the ISDN field, even superseding chip giant Intel.

Long-term availability, short lead times and excellent technical support are understood – at attractive prices.

While the focus was on PC add-on cards in the early days, later on PABXes and ISDN phones, the company nowadays paves the way for the transition of Circuit-Switched Networks as legacy technology towards IP-based Next-Generation Networks: Cologne Chip supplies its ISDN transceivers world-wide to many vendors of VoIP Gateways and Integrated Access Devices (IADs). Leading European telcos rely on the ISDN products of the company.

Products are available for Basic Rate (BRI) and Primary Rate (PRI) technology.

Among the BRI standards, the popular ISDN S/T interface (also known as S0 interface) and the ISDN Up interface (also known as Up0, UpN or UpE technology) are supported. Furthermore the most sophisticated ISDN controller IC of Cologne Chip comprises a line-interface unit (LIU) and framer for E1 technology (synonymic for S2M) as PRI standard.

Main Features of HFC Series and XHFC Series

  • integrated ISDN line interfaces
    for Basic Rate S/T and UpN/Up0 or Primary Rate E1
    configurable into TE or NT mode by software
  • low power consumption
    e.g. only 19mA for XHFC-1SU
  • easy inter-chip connection to telecom ICs,
    such as CODECs, DSPs and broadband processors
    built-in PCM / TDM bus interface for serial telecom highway
  • fully digital chip architecture
    manufactured in pure digital CMOS technology
  • excellent price
    high functional integration means low BOM costs
  • comprehensive software support
    generic Linux drivers and 3rd-party software available for all ICs

XHFC Series

XHFC – These letters stand for the latest series of ISDN ICs, each of them integrating up to 4 Universal ISDN ports, selectable as S/T and Up interfaces – all together into one Basic Rate ISDN tranceiver.

Purely digital, reliable and sold in millions to the market, these small form factor ICs are ideally suited for embedded applications.

HFC Series

With HFC-4S and HFC-8S, we offer highly integrated ISDN controller ICs with the right number of ports suiting your Basic Rate application. HFC-E1 is your best choice when you are in need of a reliable ISDN controller chip for your device in a Primary Rate scenario.

All ICs come with a large number of interfaces, including an integrated PCI interface, making them ideal for PC applications.

Customer products from left to right: Telephone Agfeo ST-48-IP, PABXs Agfeo ES 516 and ES-548