GateMateTM FPGA Overview

The GateMate A1 FPGA is the smallest-dimensioned component of the GateMateTM Series. With its 20,480 logic elements, it is ideally suited for lowest-power applications.

CCGM1A1 Parameter
Logic Cells 20,480 CPE correspond to
* 20,480 8-Input-LUT trees or
* 40,960 4-Input-LUT trees with

* 40,960 FF/Latches
Block RAM Total 1,280 Kb
20Kb blocks: 64
40Kb blocks: 32
PLLs 4
SerDes 5 Gb/s 1
I/Os single-ended: 162
differential: 81
1.2V to 2.5V
double data rate (DDR) support
Performance Modes Low Power, Economy, Speed
(0.9V - 1.1V)
Package 324 balls 0.8mm fine pitch ball grid array (FBGA), 15x15 mm