Machdyne announced Board with A1

Machdyne announced development of a new board “Kölsch” based on the latest GateMate FPGA A1 chip. With its Simplicity, cost effectiveness and advanced process node (Global Foundries SLP 28nm) of GateMate FPGA A1 fit very well in the open-source community. The new Board will expand their portfolio with powerfull and easy entry FPGA.


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About Machdyne

Machdyne is developing series of small general-purpose computers, modules and tools designed to operate and remain useful for decades. Their focus is on supporting timeless applications (reading, writing, math, education, organization, communication, automation, etc.) with simple, secure, responsive, reliable and repairable hardware. They run their own store in order to share their progress and to give developers and early adopters advance access to their hand-assembled prototypes.

Machdyne announced Board with A1